Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birth Stories: Landon ~ medicated hospital birth (induction for high BP)

Landon is my second child and I knew there was a chance of being induced and for an actual medical reason. I get High Blood pressure and I mean high (like 160/100). Once baby pops out, it goes back to normal, amazing I know. So, I find women who WANT to be induced somewhat crazy. Do you know how much harder an induction is on your body and your baby? The baby is more likely to be in distress and the contractions are harder, longer and more intense and you can’t really move around much if you’re hooked up to Pitocin. This in turn makes you FEEL an almost NEED for an epidural. I have heard a few stories of women who have been induced with pitocin and do not get an epidural. I wanted to be one of those women, but having contraction after contraction after contraction with no break, I caved after 5 hours. I thought, “at least I won’t be in pain anymore (if I only knew)”.

So, from 3:00-6:00 am I slept and felt fine. But at 6:00 I started getting the most intense/sharp pains in my arms, neck, shoulder and upper back. Pretty much my whole body not covered by the epidural (except my head) was in SEVERE pain. The pains came and went. But they were sooooo bad I told the nurse I’d rather be having the contractions (and I truly meant it). I started going in and out of consciousness. The nurse called the anesthesiologist back up and she tried to redo my epidural. This did NOT HELP. They were not sure what caused the pain, but thought maybe the epidural hit some nerve endings. It is very scary not to know why you are in such pain. Like I said the pains came and went, but did not always come when a contractions hit, so they weren’t sure if the contractions were causing the uterus to contract (causing the pain in my upper body or not). They weren’t too convinced since they figured then it would happen with every contraction, not with some contractions and without some. The pain sometimes would last 30 min straight and I’d be fine for 30 min. Sometimes it was shorter…so that kind of rules out the contractions causing all the pain. Really there was no rhyme or reason to it all. I can usually tolerate pain really well too. This pain was so bad that I actually asked my doctor for a c-section. And if you know me, I will not have surgery unless I absolutely positively need it. No plastic surgery for me ever. After being in this pain for 7 hours and begging for a c section, I had luckily gone from 7 cm to 10 cm and fully dilated in 30 min. This all happened after he broke my water. At this point I could have cared less how he came out as long as he did come out healthy and me pain free. My neck hurt so bad that it was hard to push, but Landon must have realized because I pushed all of 5 minutes and then he literally just slide out of me. I had one small tear. After he came out, all my neck/shoulder/arm pain went away. So it wasn’t some fluke or anything. I don’t think we will know the whole reason, but I do think the epidural must have hit nerve endings and the labor kept it going.

Thankfully, I did not walk away with long term side effects (physical) and my little guy was healthy too. I will note that I have walked away with mental side effects. I have had nightmares where I almost feel the pain and the hopelessness. Most people I talk to about it kind of shake it off, so I don’t talk about it much. But when your in so much pain and people are standing around you NOT DOING ANYTHING(in this case because they were clueless) or when all the doctors seem to care about is blaming the other for whose fault it was, it makes you vulnerable and almost preyed upon. My baby and I came home healthy, so that is what should matter or so I’ve been told. If only it was so simple!!!!!!

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