Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome to our office!!

**I know this has been translated before, but I need to get this out of my system. Here's my take on it**

Because the Physicians at Aspen Women's Center feel threatened and offended by any woman deciding to educate herself and do what she feels is best for her family we have put up this sign to make you feel like shit. Silly notions such as informed consent, informed refusal, birth plans, empowered patients, doulas and birth "experiences" only serve to make our lives more difficult. We're here to deliver your healthy baby without you suing us. We have found the easiest and most efficient(read: $$$) way to do it is for you to come in for your induction, get in that bed (screw that use of gravity and moving around shit. It's dangerous.), get your epidural early(you're much easier to monitor numb in bed. And for goodness sake those moaning sounds you make during contractions sound sexual. It makes us uncomfortable and we all know birth has nothing to do with sex.), and let us tell you either 1. when and how to push 2.when it's time for your episiotomy and/or vacuum extraction or 3. when it's time for your c-section. If you must take some sort of childbirth "preparation" class, we prefer that you take the Aspen Women's Center course titled "The Machine that Goes Ping!: How to be a good and cooperative patient". Bradley Method is a definite no-no. We can't handle having both an educated woman and an educated partner. Ditto on the doula's. If you want a doula, go give birth in a hut with incense burning and midwives chanting. It's our way or the highway, bitches. Oh, and have a nice day.


Los Lofchies said...

Alicia - I found your blog by chance and applaud you for your powerful message. I have 2 children, ages 4 and 7. I don't think I'll have more, so I'm not in the child bearing years anymore, but I cherish my days as a pregnant woman and nursing mom. Keep up the good work, heart-felt message, and passion.

I had to laugh at the transparency of the office plaque. How can people be so callous!? Hopefully, whatever our jobs are, if any of us become so disconnected with our profession, we will make a change!


Alicia said...

Thank you for your comment Jennie! I got bit by the birth bug during my second pregnancy and it's been a passion ever since! It can be horribly frustrating though! I just took a quick glance at your blog. How interesting! I can't wait to read it more in depth. =)

LindsayMoore said...

Wait...what? Someone really has this posted? THen again, at least their honest about it and don't say "oh whatever you want", then when your in labor say "no we can't do any of that"

Passionate lady said...

WOW..i can't believe a place actually has this posted. BUT in a way, at least they are being honest. Better than those doctors who say... "oh yeah, WHATEVER you want/need". THen the women is in labor and the doctor says that none of what the women wants is possible