Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The new Economic Stimulus Packages...your boobs!

Genius! There's a new breastfeeding campaign going on that's aiming to increase breastfeeding rates in America(apparently, we crunchy babywearing extended nursers have failed miserably in our attempts to sway opinions, lol). I do have hope for this and it seems like a brilliant campaign. Their website is cute, full of information, including a section for women who have no desire to breastfeed, and is fun to read. I love the "booby traps" section and the main photo of a naked model nursing a baby(and yes I will kill that woman if she really is the mother of that newborn for looking that good...I'm sure she's not). I really admire their mission to change public perception of nursing too. Part of me is sad that it has to come to this to encourage nursing and the public acceptance of it. But let's face it, boobs don't have multi-billion dollar formula companies lobbying and advertising for them. Here is my favorite quote about the campaign:

"...aim to shift the focus off the “breast vs. bottle” debate and current backlash against breastfeeding, and on to the real issue: women are being urged to breastfeed but set up to fail."

Finally someone is getting to the root of the problem. We need to quit these mommy wars that we all get in to(admit've entered the breast vs bottle ring a few times) and focus on the real problem: lip service to the benefits of breastfeeding with simultaneous lack of support, misinformation, and cultural aversion to breastfeeding.

Please check out their website Best for Babes and let me know what you think!

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