Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why didn't I get this cake??

OMG can you imagine getting this cake at your shower? PRICELESS. It's so realistic too. That's exactly how I looked during labor. Right down to the red lipstick, silicone breasts, and the landing strip. Oh, and the birth junkie in me wonders if it hurt like a bitch pushing that occiput posterior baby out....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Recent Birth Related news

Oh my poor neglected blog! Here are a few things I wanted to share:

  • Canada changes its position on automatic c-section for breech: Here's a link from Rixa and an excellent overview of the history behind the recommendations here. Let's hope the we see these changes on our side of the border soon(but I'm not holding my breath).
  • Large study proving safety of homebirth published in the BJOG and here's why we shouldn't expect it to change anything here in the US. Why the largest study of planned home births won't sway ACOG.
  • This is my favorite birth slideshow. Absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring. This is what birth can be. THIS is what women are being robbed of.
  • Oh, and screw you AMA. You can kiss my non-compliant ass. **eta: this resolution didn't pass**