Friday, January 16, 2009

Plus Size Pregnancy resource

Pregnant and Plus-sized? Definitely take the time to check out Plus size women face many challenges when pregnant, and a lot of them are unnecessary and downright discriminatory. This site provides a WEALTH of information on a variety of topics including: estimating your due date, finding size friendly providers(very important!), the importance of fetal position in labor, information on gestational diabetes, a critique of the rising c-section rates in obese mothers, vbac information, and even tips for finding a baby carrier. Being a plus sized mother myself, this site proved very useful and informative. I personally have not noticed any discrimination but I've had friends who've been told flat out that their fat is blocking their baby from coming out. Seriously. Take charge of your birth ladies and arm yourself with information.

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Jessica said...

Oh yes. I've been down that road twice now. My sister was told that she couldn't have her tubes tied after having her second baby because she was too heavy. However, they gave her a csection (where everything is right there in open view) and still refused to tie her tubes. Disguisting!