Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Todays Episode of Bringing Home Baby...

Blatent breastfeeding misinformation. I only caught about ten minutes of this episode but basically what happened was a petite mom gave birth to a 9lb 1oz baby(c-section of course)and here's the wonderful advice her doctor gave her(I am para phrasing):

"Well the good news is that you have a big healthy baby. But since you're so small, you will probably not be able to make enough milk for her. My suggestion would be to supplement your breastmilk with formula."

Would it KILL a Dr to oh, I don't know, read a book about lactation? Or even drop by on a La Leche League meeting? Even a cursory read would enlighten them to the fact that breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. And that a womans body or breast size does not affect her ability to produce milk! HOw do people think we humans have survived this long if we couldn't feed our babies? Before formula, people had to make their own milk! Yes, small woman can easily make enough milk to feed a large baby. They can even provide enough milk to feed TWINS and TRIPLETS! I can think of three woman that I know who have EXCLUSIVELY breastfed twins, without a drop of formula. If they can handle twins, I'm sure this "small woman" can make enough milk for her "huge baby". I'm just so sick of uninformed medical professionals sabotaging early nursing efforts. Everyone thinks Dr's have tons of eduction on lactation and that just isn't the case.

I wish pregnant woman would spend more time researching birth and breastfeeding than choosing their nursery colors, swings, and onsies. It would help them so much more than relying on bad information from doctors.


Kara said...

That's almost shocking! Who ever heard of such a thing!? Dr.'s are supposed to encourage breastfeeding- this isn't 1957.

Jessica said...

There are more excuses for why women won't breastfeed then there are of why women elect to have c-sections. Frankly I'm tired of hearing the excuses. Our bodies were made for this and no excuse is going to change that.

On another topic, Hubby was watching an old game show and one question was "Out of 100 pregnant women, how many were planning on having home births". The answer was 2. This game show was from the very early 80's. Just wanted to pass that piece on.

Alicia said...

Interesting factoid Jess! BTW it's now less than 2 in 100. Homebirths make up slightly less than 1% of all births. Makes you wonder why ACOG and the AMA have their panties in such a bunch about it. Oh, yes I do, they don't make any money off of homebirths. But no, that's not it, they're concerned about SAFETY. ::snort::Even with all this increased publicity, it's not like it's going to jump to even 10% anytime soon.