Sunday, August 17, 2008

Survey Says!

Woo hoo! The Birth Survey has gone national!

How did you feel about your birth? Loved it? Hated it? Well here's your chance to tell everyone(anonymously)! I am so super duper excited about this. This survey is for any woman who has given birth in the last three years. This fall, we will be able to see the statistics for each hospital and care provider. It's high time we have a consumer reports for birth! In addition to the survey results, there will be statistics for each hospital made available to the public. These are not easy things to get so it will be a wonderful resource. People may think twice before stepping foot into a hospital with a 45% c-section rate(we have one here). It's definitely the time for women to make their voices heard. Once the hospitals and providers listen to their patients, maybe some change will occur. It's time to have some transparency in maternity care and for the public to see what some hospitals and providers have been doing. We have a right to make informed decisions in our births. How can we do that when hospitals won't release c-section rates? How will we know a provider has a 50% induction rate(Lord knows they won't tell you themselves)? THIS is how. It doesn't matter what kind of birth you had(good, indifferent, traumatic), ALL of us need to take this survey!

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Jessica said...

You better believe I'll be taking that survey.